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Catalog & Candle Parties with Incentives

Our Candle Parties are an easy way for you to earn free products. All you have to do is send your family and friends here to shop and select our items to shop!!! For you
to get credit all they have to do is submit your name with
their order! Then you get free stuff for having them order!
***If your party total is over $100.00 we will send you a
16 oz candle free with your order!
***You also get 10% off your order with anyone you get
here to purchase!
Just email me with dates that you would like to
host your online catalog party through us,
the party lasts 2 weeks. At the end of two weeks I
will get all the orders together and we will email you
with all the details and ship them out!
For Area Residents around the Palestine Area:
You can have a catalog party through us or have a  home party with lots of fun at your home! All you have to do is contact us at : (903) 549-2833 or email us for information and we will get you started
with your packet and everything!
I have sample kits with the scents and
you send me your address list and I send out your invitations for you! Less work for you!
This is an easy way to earn extra money also.
Very easy all you have to do is get your orders submit them to me and I will get them out
for you! Our past hostesses have been very
pleased with our products and all the
stuff they have received!
We are very easy going and are interested in getting our products out more! Thank You for all your help and for supporting us! Our offers are to good to pass up that most people don't! So, contact us today for more information.